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▸ June 11, 2018

Changing the look of your home can make a big impact on its overall appearance, and if your home has started to look tired or well used and you want to make a real difference, you could change the look of your property with our knowledge of the best House painting team in Santa Clarita. We use the most modern tools to completely transform your property, and make it look as good as new with a simple coat of paint. Our skilled teams can change your home, and give it new life, and also make it easier for you to sell your property for a good price.

Using the Best Paints

House painting is about more than just finding the right color or texture. Instead, it is all about the type of paint that you use on your property. Lighthouse Painting Company, this type of paint we use is known as elastomeric paint. This very durable and long-lasting paint can protect the outside layer of your home, and is even recommended by some insurance companies. It was originally designed to be used on specific types of surfaces, but it is now popular on all kinds of external walls, adapting to the movement of your house and filling in hairline cracks, so that the building is transformed.

best house painting team in santa clarita

Keeping a House in Good Condition

In order to protect your home properly, we recommend that you use a professional painting company to apply this elastomeric paint yourself. This is because we will need to remove all of the old paint and debris around your property before we can start painting, and because we need to be able to apply the same level of thickness on all surfaces. Even coats across the walls create a clean, neat look, and will make your home look fresh and new.

The Best House Painting Team in Santa Clarita Can Change Your Property

Whether your property needs a complete revamp, in and out, or you want to make sure that your exterior looks as good as inside, contact us today to have our teams work on your home. We are the best house painting team in Santa Clarita that will work quickly and efficiently to get the job done. If you want to contact us today, then call us on (818) 534-8260, or use our online contact form to send us a message about your house painting needs.

▸ May 31, 2018

You know your house is not looking its best on the outside, and just a quick glance on your part can let you know how badly your house needs a facelift with some new paint. You may tell yourself that you think you can handle the job on your own and save some money along the way, but you may be biting off more than you can chew. Painting the outside of your home takes a lot more skill and experience than you may think, and you are much better off calling a professional when you need a professional exterior paint in Northridge to make sure the job gets done right.

Prepping the Exterior the Right Way

Before a paintbrush even gets picked up to paint your home, a professional is going to take the time to evaluate your home and the exterior to see what it looks like and what needs to be done to get it ready for painting. The old paint will need to get scraped away, and areas that may have some damage such as cracks, dents in siding, or flaws will need to be prepared so that the area is clean and smooth and can take the paint well.

Professional Exterior Paint in Northridge

Find Professional exterior paint in Northridge

Hiring professional exterior paint in Northridge like we offer here at Affordable Painting and Handyman Service will make sure that you get a finished product that looks its best. Our professional painters are highly experienced painting contractors that know how to tackle any job, big or small. We can evaluate your home and make recommendations to you, and then set about painting your new home to restore its beauty for you promptly and efficiently. You will find that we can complete the job in much less time than it would yourself to do it, and the finished product will look clean and professionally done.

Get an Evaluation of Your House

If you decide that hiring a professional exterior paint in Northridge is the right way for you to go, please contact us here at Lighthouse Painting Contractors for assistance. You can call us at (818) 534-8260 to schedule an evaluation of your home by one of our professionals so you can get a quote for the work needed and see that we can do the job for you at a fair price so your house can look its best.

▸ May 22, 2018

A Professional Interior Paint Job in Canyon County Improves Your Home

Planning to redo the paint in your home can be a much bigger job than you may realize. You know that you want to make changes to your home to improve the look of different rooms, brighten the place up, or even get it ready for a potential sale down the road. However, once you realize all that goes into painting an area so it looks its best, you may find that the job is more than you can tackle on your own. Turning to expert painters when you need a professional interior paint job in Canyon County can give you the improvements you want and have your home looking great while saving you time along the way.

professional interior paint job in Canyon County

Paint for a Whole New Look

A fresh coat of paint can give any room in your home a completely new look. Even if you are not changing the color of the room, just having new paint on the walls can help cover up areas that may be stained or worn, or that have some minor damage. New paint can revive the look of a room and make the room come alive for you again, making it seem like you have an entirely new space to live in.

Professionals to Paint Your Home

To make sure you get a quality interior paint job in Canyon County, you want to hire experienced, professional painters to do the job for you. Professional painters will know the best approach to take to any room in your home and can handle any prep or repair work for you before they start painting. The painting will get accomplished much faster and with greater accuracy, leaving you with a beautiful room to decorate as you wish.

Call for Professional Paint Experts

If you want to have the beautiful interior paint in Canyon County that your home deserves, you want to call Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. for assistance. We are expert painters that can handle any residential paint job, large or small, to make your home look fantastic. Give us a call at (818) 534-8260 to talk with us and schedule a free in-home evaluation and estimate so you can find out just what we can do for you. Alternatively you can use our contact form to get in touch. Just leave your name, your email and phone number along with your message so they can get back to you as soon as possible.

▸ May 15, 2018

When you first think about painting a room or even several rooms in your home, it may not seem like a very big project to you. However, once you give it more careful consideration, you realize just how much work it can be for you, and that you may not have the time or energy needed to put into the project to get it done. Beyond that, you may not have a lot of experience with painting and worry that it will not look great if you do it yourself. If you have decided to hire interior paint in Canyon County and think it’s the way for you to go, you want to consider the companies out there carefully before you make a final decision.

The Reputation of the Painter

Reputation carries a great deal of weight for anyone you go to for service or anyone you hire. You need to know that a company has done good work for others in the past and that others are willing to spread the word about the wonderful service they received. Talk to friends and neighbors and ask who they used to help them with painting projects they have had in the past so you can get the names of companies. You can also check different forums and websites for reviews of companies in your area to see what other customers say about the work done so you can focus on those with the best reputations.

Hire Interior Paint in Canyon County

Getting Details from the Painter

Before you rush out and hire interior paint in Canyon County for your project, you want to take the time to talk to the painting service and get details from them. Ask for an estimate as to how long the project will take so you can prepare properly for the disruption in your home. You should also ask to get an estimate for the cost of the project and see what the estimate includes so that you know you have budgeted for labor, materials, any wall repairs needed and the like.

The Painter for your House

If you are looking for an interior paint in Canyon County to help with any room in your home, give us a call here at Lighthouse Painting Contractor. We are licensed, professional painting contractors that can provide you with the painting you need to be accomplished that will help your home look its best. You can reach us at (818) 534-8260 to schedule a consultation with us so we can come to your home, evaluate the room or rooms you want to be painted, and provide you with the best options and a quote for the job that you will be pleased with.

▸ May 1, 2018

Where to Turn for Repair and Wood Replacement in Burbank

Wood makes up a large portion of your home, but it is often something that goes unseen. Your walls, floors, siding, fences, and other areas of your home are all made of wood, but it is not until you decide to do renovations or work on your home that problems are revealed. You may find areas that have been damaged, broken or rotted over time that need repair or replacement. It is good to know that you have a quality service to turn to when you need repair and wood replacement in Burbank, so you get the job done correctly.

Repair and Wood Replacement in Burbank

Replacement Prevents Deterioration

Replacing or repairing the wood in your home will help to prevent further deterioration of your home that can cause severe damage. Wood will naturally degrade over time, but outside damage from weather, debris, insects, and other sources can accelerate the damage, causing bigger problems for you. Getting a service to come in that has experience with wood replacement can help make sure that areas of your home provide the proper support and stabilization they are designed for, so you do not have to worry about possible problems.

Evaluation of Wood Areas

When you contact us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. to help you with wood replacement in Burbank, we will come to your home and provide a thorough evaluation of the areas in question for you. Our expertise allows us to know what areas can be safely repaired and what areas may need more extensive restoration or replacement to make them viable and safe again. We have the manpower, tools, and techniques to do the job well for you.

Don’t Delay Wood Replacement

You do not want to delay wood replacement in Burbank, so give Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. a call right away to get the assistance you need. You can call us at (818) 534-8260 and schedule a free evaluation and estimate for work you may need in your home. Let us provide you with the expert services that can help restore and keep your home at its best. If you have an inquiry and prefer to send a message, please use our contact form. You only have to fill it with your name, email address and phone number, as well as your inquiry, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

▸ April 30, 2018

When you want to transform your home and make it feel new again, you should put your trust in Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. We are a team with more than 10 years’ experience in giving properties a new lease of life, and our Residential Paint Santa Monica team can work our magic on your property if you call us today. We will complete a variety of different painting projects, depending upon your ideas and the changes you want to make to the property.

Interior and Exterior Residential Paint Santa Monica Team

We will transform your home, both inside and out, as part of your rejuvenation project. When we paint the interior of properties, we always make sure to keep your furniture away from the walls, and to protect floors and light fixtures during painting. You can also keep hooks or nails for artwork in place – just let us know what you need, and we will paint around any fittings. For exterior painting, you should rely upon our expertise to choose the right paint for your building, such as Elastomeric paint which can be used to conceal cracks or flaws in brick or plaster.

Residential Paint Santa Monica Team

Call In Our Team Today

We have been working with homeowners on paint projects since 2004, and there are several simple steps to ensure that the project is finished to our high standards. Start by filling in a form or calling us for our free onsite evaluation. You arrange a visit, and we examine your property and discuss the work you want done. Within a day of the visit, we will give you an estimate of the costs and timescale. You can call us to discuss the quote, and we can talk you through each part of the process.

Get Started Right Now

Let Lighthouse Painting Contractors provide you with a quality Residential Paint Santa Monica team to rejuvenate and transform your property. You can fill in our online form, which will let us arrange a visit to your property and give you a free quote for your paint project, or you can call us today on: (818) 534-8260, or our cell phone: (818) 355-5787. Call now to find out what we can do to make your home look as good as new with paints, and to discuss a date and time to come and paint the interior or exterior of your property.

When you want to change the look of a property quickly and without too much cost, you should look at exterior painting. The use of the best Elastomeric paint in Pacific Palisades is growing rapidly as homeowners realize that they can make their property look brand-new with just a professional lick of paint. With our depth of knowledge and skilled teams, we can make your home look as beautiful as when it was originally built. By carefully using these external paints to transform your property, we can give your old home a new lease of life.

What Paint Is Best?

At Lighthouse painting Contractors we recommend the use the best Elastomeric paint in Pacific Palisades. This is durable, and warranty is available for some paint job. Some insurers actually recommend using this paint in certain situations, as it is so much more durable than others. The paint was originally used as a cover for stucco surfaces, but is now popular for all types of external walls, even being able to tolerate slight movement of the walls and covering hairline cracks along brickwork and mortar.

Best Elastomeric Paint in Pacific Palisades

How Should This Paint Be Applied?

This paint is flexible and durable, but you should never attempt to put on this paint yourself. This is because the paint needs a certain thickness of coat in order to fully protect your walls. Our teams have a great deal of experience in painting exteriors, which means that they can avoid thinning of the paint. An even coat all the way across the surface of the property will give it a clean look, and a great shine. Just contact us today to make sure that you only use the experts to apply your exterior paint.

Let Us Transform Your Property with the Best Elastomeric Paint in Pacific Palisades

Whatever type of paintwork your home needs, from interior work to external rejuvenation, you can rely upon us to get the job done efficiently and to a high standard. You can use the online form to request a free evaluation of your property, or call us directly for more information. The landline number to call is (818) 534-8260, and you can also reach us through cell phone at: (818) 355-5787. To inquire about our services, find out how we can help you to keep your home in good condition, and to book any painting service, just call us today on the numbers listed.

▸ March 30, 2018

You love to look at home design magazines and watch the home renovation and DIY shows on television that show you just how people can transform their existing homes into an area that looks new again. You have always wanted to do something with your kitchen, which has needed updating for several years, but you have put off working on it because you do not have the skills to do it yourself or the money to invest in things like getting new cabinets put in. Instead of overextending yourself and your budget and buying new cabinets, you may be saving money with refinished cabinets in Pasadena.

Refinish Your Cabinets

Refinishing cabinets can breathe the new life into your cabinets without having to spend thousands of dollars for new cabinets. The cabinet market has exploded in recent years, and new cabinets even for a small kitchen can be very expensive for you. If you look at your cabinets and see that they are still solid in structure and secured well to the walls, refinishing the surfaces of the cabinets may be just the answer for you. You can strip away the existing layers of paint, color, and varnish of your cabinets and start fresh with them, so they look like new.

Saving Money with Refinished Cabinets in Pasadena

Professionals to Work on Your Cabinets

While some people may want to undertake a project like this on their own, when you want refinished cabinets in Pasadena that look their best, you are better off hiring a professional service to assist you. If you have never done a project like this before, it may take you many hours of work to complete the project, and you may find you make costly mistakes along the way. Hiring professionals to help you ensures that the job will be done right and without the need of taking days or weeks to finish.

Get New Looking Cabinets

If you are ready to get great looking cabinets without having to spend a fortune to get them, call us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. to help you refinish your cabinets in Pasadena. We are an experienced contractor service that can assist you with many projects, including repairs and refinishing efforts. You can get a free, on-site evaluation and consultation from us so we can look at your cabinets and make recommendations to you, by calling us at (818) 534-8260 and setting up an appointment.

▸ March 18, 2018

Wrought iron has long been used for fencing, gates, and decoration inside and outside of homes, and it can provide a fantastic look to your property. It may even be that the wrought iron fence you have outside is one of the things that attracted you to this property in the first place and made you buy it. As great as wrought iron can look, it is far from impervious to the elements and can fall into disrepair if you do not care for it correctly. You do want to take some time to look at your property so you can determine if you need wrought iron repair in Studio City and take action to do something about it.

Examining Your Wrought Iron

It may be a long time since you took a good look at your gate or fence, but now is a good time for you to do so. Take a slow walk along the fence line so you can examine the fence and see how it looks. You likely may see some areas where rust has begun to set in. Moisture and wrought iron are enemies, and water exposure can lead to the deterioration of your fence. If the rust has been allowed to go on for a while, you may even have areas of fencing that have eroded away, leaving you with gaps and broken areas of iron that need replacing.

Do You Need Wrought Iron Repair in Studio City

Getting Wrought Iron Repair in Studio City Done

The best wrought iron repair in Studio City is not something that the average homeowner may have the skills or tools to handle. Repair work of this nature takes a deft eye and great experience with wrought iron so that repairs are done properly, and the final product looks its best. Here at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc., one of the services we offer is wrought iron repair, and we can give you the expert advice and results you desire for your fence or gate.

Get an Estimate for Your Wrought Iron

If you have found that you need wrought iron repair in Studio City, do not hesitate to give us a call here at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. We can arrange a day and time to come to your home to evaluate the wrought iron and provide you with a free estimate for the work that you need. You can contact us at (818) 534-8260 to set up an appointment so we can take the first steps toward helping you restore your beautiful wrought iron to the way it should be.

▸ March 8, 2018

When you look around at the different rooms in your home, you may see that certain areas are starting to look dull, worn, and unpleasing to the eye. Over time, it is natural for the paint on your walls to start to show signs of wear, with marks, dirt, chips, and more that occur each day taking their toll on the walls. The idea of painting the walls for a fresh, new look seems pretty simple to you, and you feel like it is something you can tackle on your own like many other people attempt. The problem can be that without the experience of what to do, your room can end up looking worse than you thought it would. You can eliminate the risk of a bad paint job in Marina del Rey when you call us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. for help.

There is More to Painting than Just Paint

There is a lot more that goes into painting than just picking out the color you want, getting some rollers and cans of paint, and setting to work. You want to make sure you choose the right paint for each room, but you also need to know the proper ways to apply the paint. Beyond the act of painting, there may be wall repairs that you need to perform before any painting takes place so that the walls are smooth and uniform. Painting over damaged areas without repairs will just leave you with walls that do not look even or well done.

Bad Paint Job in Marina del Rey

All the Paint Services You Need

When you hire us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc., you will get the paint job in Marina del Rey that helps any area of your home, inside or out, look its best. We are expert professional painters with the experience you want working on your home for you. We can come in and look at the room or rooms you need painted and provide you with the recommendations of what to do. We can perform any wall repairs you may need, including work with drywall, wood repair or stucco repair, so that your rooms are primed and ready to go.

Let Us Paint Your Home

To make sure you get the great results from a paint job in Marina del Rey, give us a call at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. for assistance. You can call our office at (818) 534-8260, and we can arrange a consultation with you so we can come to your home and provide you with a free evaluation and estimate for the work you may need. Let us paint your home so that you can enjoy the way the rooms in your home look.

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Hi Theresa: I keep neglecting to let you and the 'boss'  Nick Dattilo of LIGHTHOUSE PAINTING CONTRACTORS INC. know how very pleased I am with the painting job his guys did the two days they were here.  They did a fabulous job, and they were neat in their work  and protected surfaces that were not to be painted.   I could not have asked for a better job. Next time I need painting done, I am for sure going to request your services. - Nannette Nekora