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Wood Replacement Burbank

When you are a homeowner, you want to make sure you do all you can to keep your home in its best condition and looking fantastic. Over time, it is only natural that areas outside of your home are going to start to deteriorate and will be in need of replacement. The constant exposure to the elements like sun, wind, and rain can cause extensive damage over time if nothing is done to protect your siding, fence, eaves, gates and other parts of your home. If you notice some trouble areas around the exterior of your home, it may be time for you to consider the need for wood replacement in Burbank.

Don’t Let it Go

Trying to ignore the problem will not make it go away and will start to make things worse for you. The longer you leave damaged wood areas on and around your home, the more extensive the damage will become. This will cause bigger problems for you regarding the look of your property and also the safety of your structure and property. Exposed, damaged wood areas can lead to problems with mold and decay, causing larger and more expensive issues that need to be remodeled. You want to take action as soon as possible and call a professional service like ours at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. to assist you.

Wood Replacement In Burbank

How We Can Help

Our expert staff at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. can provide you with the help you need for wood replacement in Burbank. We can come and examine the damaged wood areas of your home and provide you with the best solutions. We can perform repairs or replacement on all of the wooden surfaces outside your home to help restore the areas, so they look their best and help prevent further damage to your home and property. You will get the expert service needed to get the job done right.

Free Estimates Available

If you see that you are in need of wood replacement in Burbank for your home, make sure that you contact us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. We can provide you with a free on-site evaluation and estimate for the work that you need so that you can see what we can do for you and how affordable it is to get the repairs you need. Take the time to call us today at 818-534-8260 so you can get the ball rolling to restore and improve the look of your home.

Every time you walk into your kitchen you are disappointed by the way that it looks. Your kitchen cabinets are starting to look worn, with the wood fading, and they detract from the overall look and feel of the room for you. Unfortunately, getting new cabinets is just not in your budget at this time. New cabinets can easily run the thousands of dollars and get more expensive depending on the number you need and the type of wood you want. What are you to do when you are faced with a situation like this? Instead of simply tolerating the look of your cabinets, now might be a good time to look into refinishing them. Your best bet is to get expert help to assist with refinish cabinets in Pasadena so you can make sure the job gets done right.

A Tougher Job Than You Think

Many people that are trying to save money on the entire process will seek to perform refinishing on their own. While it is certainly a project that homeowners can try on their own, you can run into several issues along the way that can make it a difficult project for you. If you have never done any refinishing before, you may not know the best approach to take to do the job. You basically will be learning as you go and this can turn a project that might normally take a few hours into one that can take days. Very often people do not have the proper tools to do the job either, meaning you will need to go out and buy what you need, adding to your expense.

Get Expert Help

If you want to refinish your cabinets in Pasadena, you are much better off turning to a professional contractor like us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors Inc. We have the experience that you want to do a refinishing job right the first time and get the project done for you. Our staff has the tools and technique needed to get your work done promptly that leaves your cabinets looking like they are brand new for just a fraction of the cost of getting new cabinets installed.

Request an Evaluation

If you would like to learn about how we can refinish your cabinets in Pasadena, please take the time to contact us at Lighthouse Painting Contractors Inc. You can arrange for a free onsite evaluation of the work you need when you give us a call at 818-534-8260. Let our experts help remake the look of your kitchen into something you smile at each day.

If you need a professional trim carpenter, then you’re in the right place. Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc is a full-service residential, commercial and instruction painting contractor that offers baseboard installation Encino area. Instead of settling for a below average carpentry work, make sure to choose a reliable, experienced baseboard installer with years of experience in the industry. Our team gives full attention to the project and complete it promptly. We have a reputation as the best baseboard installation in the Encino area. As we strive to be the best in this field, we keep raising the bar for customer satisfaction. So, if you need a trim work or baseboard installation in your house, just call us up and tell us what you need.


Baseboard Trimming

It’s the most common type of trimming. That’s because the majority of the rooms in a house or building have a basic baseboard. It’s designed to define lines. It may not be as detailed as a crown molding. However, it still comes in a variety of designs that anyone can choose from. Baseboard molding also comes in two options, finished and unfinished. These two options are easy to stain or paint that can match contrast with floors and walls. It’s also used as a standpoint that hides gaps between bottoms of the flooring and walls.


Baseboard Installation Encino – What’s the cost ?

It depends on the project. For basic styles, expect to pay $0.60 per linear foot. It can also go up to $1.20 per linear foot for the wood. Hire our Baseboard Installation Encino contractors to design and install baseboard in your house.


Why Encino residents choose us?

For their baseboard installation needs, Encino residents opt for our Baseboard Installation Encino expert services because of our excellent craftsmanship. Our team is fully licensed and bonded. We’re also fully insured. If you want, we can provide you with a list of references. From 2013 to 2016, we’ve been given the Super Service Award from Angie’s List.


Why hire a professional trimmer or installer?

It’s true that you can install baseboard on your own. However, it’s not an easy task. Not to mention, it can cause a sore back. Thus, it’s cost-effective to simply hire a professional baseboard installer in the Encino area to the job for you. Lighthouse Painting Contractors offer better prices than its competitors. We can help you save your back and beautify your home. Call us today for an estimate: 818.534.8260

Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in crown moulding installation Agura Hills area. With more than a decade of experience, we offer services of excellent craftsmanship for those with discriminating taste. Established in 2002, you can trust Lighthouse Painting Contractors in designing and installing your crown moulding. Apart from installation, we also specialize in designing unique and unusual moulding for your house. We’re one of the best contractors you can work with. Our professional and efficient team will provide your house a beautiful enhancement for a very affordable cost.


What is a custom crown moulding?

A custom crown moulding is usually installed in a room where the ceiling is at least 10-foot tall. Intricate custom crowns are made of three or more components. They often complement those spacious interior space and produce a feeling of elegance. Hire us today and we can create a crown moulding with a dramatic feel for your home.


What can Crown Moulding Installation Agura Hills professionals do to your home?

One of its benefits is to add beauty to your home. It also balances everything while it softens rooms. It gives a feeling of comfort to you and your guests.


How much does it cost?

It can go around $2000 for five to six rooms. But it depends on the design and the area where we’ll install the crown moulding. Call us today to get an estimate. You’ll be surprised to know that our rates are more affordable than other crown moulding installers on the market.


How long will it take to install it?

It depends on the area. However, our team of moulding installers can do it in less than a week.


What’s best for my house?

Our team of designers has decades of experience in this area. They can help your house achieve the beauty that you desire.


Can I just do it on my own?

If you’re a carpenter, you might be tempted to install the crown moulding by yourself. But always remember that no one replaces experience. With decades of experience, we have developed a process that truly delivers excellent results.


Adding Value to Your Home

One of the many ways to improve the value of your home that your selling is to install a crown moulding. It’s known for adding beauty that can set your house apart from the others. It may cost a little, but it brings a lot to your house. Our Crown Moulding Installation Agura Hills experts can help you with it.

Elastomeric paint is considered as the best exterior finish. Our elastomeric paint Pacific Palisades experts would assure you that this type of coating is durable enough that it could last longer than you think. Because of its durability, it could outperform even the best exterior acrylic paint. What makes it unique is that it offers a waterproof coating to any structure. It’s also resistant to heat, cold, sunlight and rain. With this thick coating, it eliminates cracking and any wood. It also has elongation characteristics that can repair and bridge hairline cracks that are non-structured.


Multiple Coats

Another great thing about elastomeric paint is that it doesn’t require multiple layers. Even so, it can last longer than ten years. Although the cost of this paint is 50 percent more than other paint, it’s worth it, considering its durability. If you’re looking for elastomeric paint Pacific Palisades professionals, we can help you. Here at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, our professionals can help in your exterior and interior painting projects, cabinet refinishing, garage floor coatings, specialty painting, and several others. When you hire us, you can expect the result to be of high-quality. We’ll prepare your house thoroughly before carrying out exterior painting project. Before painting, we’ll conduct a full-area wash, scrape and sand the areas, and so on and so forth. We’ll also prime bare metal surfaces and bare wood. Where it’s needed, we’ll apply primer coats.


How can we help?

Call us today so we can give you a complimentary estimate of the project you want us to work. We’ll talk about how we’ll work and how much time it’ll need to complete the project. To make the job more efficient, you can give us ideas on how we can complete the project. However, if you’re not sure about the designs, we’ll be happy to share our thoughts.

Unlike other elastomeric paint Pacific Palisades companies, we’re licensed, bonded and insured. We stand behind what we do and make sure that you’re completely satisfied. Since 2002, we’ve been painting homes and offices. For us, there’s no job that’s too big or too small. We prepare all surfaces and materials, such as plaster, wood, and metal, among others. Our years of experience in this field led us to many satisfied customers.


At Lighthouse Painting Contractors, we aim to gain your trust and confidence. To achieve that, we’ll deliver the product and the result you wish. We understand the overall process and know that our business depends on your satisfaction. We promise to work hard for you.

Our Elastomeric Paint Pacific Palisades contractors will help you hand any type of painting tasks, including elastomeric painting. We’ll also assist you in choosing the color for your exterior and interior painting project. Selecting a great color for your home is vital.


In Canyon County, a home is a significant investment. Many people considered it as the biggest purchase they made in their lifetime. Thus, it’s vital to maintain it, so it’ll be in tip-top shape. One of the maintenance options you can have is repainting its interior. If you’re looking for an interior paint Canyon County contractors, you can’t go wrong with Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. We offer excellent value for your interior painting services. Our crew is experienced in providing Canyon County the first-rate painting services. You may look into our gallery to understand the quality of our work.

Here at Lighthouse Painting, we only use long-lasting finishes. When you look into our Gallery, you’ll find that we use two coats of interior paint. We use premium low-sheen paint for interior walls. It offers durable finish and beautiful result. It also comes with exceptional hiding ability. It has superior adhesion to enamel-painted surfaces.

The interior paint that our staff will use can flow smoothly. If your interior painting project involves your kitchen walls and other high-traffic surfaces, we only use washable surface. The paint dries quickly, so it’s ideal for interior ceilings and walls. We paint our client’s home with professional finishing. In this way, we can assure that the best appearance can last a decade. We always exceed the highest expectations of our clients.

How do Interior Paint Canyon County experts work?

First, we provide protection to your furniture by removing them from the room where a painting is needed. We’ll cover the furniture with plastic sheeting while the flooring with drop cloths. If you have small items and valuables in the room, we’ll remove it.

Then, we prepare the surface by filling cracks and holes in the ceilings, trim and walls. We’ll eliminate the grease from the walls to make sure that the pain adheres to the wall. Once we’ve filled those areas, we’ll start priming. If there are visible stains, we’ll double-prime it to make sure that they’re no longer visible after we’ve completed the painting job.

Our staff will repair holes and cracks and prime water-damaged areas. If necessary, we’ll carry out minor carpentry work. We’ll also re-caulk all baseboards, window seals, and shelving, among others. Then, we’ll sand all woodwork in your house for a better result.

From there, we can start painting. No matter what kind of home you have, we’ll always apply two coats. A regular job can take up to six days to complete. Before we finalize everything, our founder will inspect the job to make sure that it has been completed entirely.

Once we’re dong, we’ll clean up. Each section will be cleaned to remove spatters and other excess materials. We’ll finish the painting and clean the area after. Our Interior Paint Canyon County team will also sweep or vacuum the floor whenever necessary. When you have completed the job, you may inspect our work. If you approve it, we can finalize payment. If not, we’ll redo the job until you’re satisfied. Now, if there are areas that you wish to be re-painted, you can mark them for easy retouching.

Lacquer cabinets Hollywood area is one of the services that we offer here at Lighthouse Painting Contractors, Inc. How long it’s going to take to complete the project will depend on its complexity. If you drop off the pieces, the turn around time is quick. However, most of our clients want their cabinet to be professionally spray painted. So, this kind project can take a few days or a week.


How to request a lacquer cabinets service?

The first thing you’ll need to do is to get an estimate from us by calling our hotline number: 818.534.8260 or you may use our contact form. After assessing your project, we’ll conduct an on-site survey. We’ll validate the scope, and we’ll give you the price. We spray paint your cabinets on site. It can take up to two days to complete. We don’t use house paints in cabinet refinishing.


Why we use lacquer?

It’s fast drying. It can dry in an under an hour. Thus, you can easily re-coat it in two hours. Apart from that, it doesn’t require sanding between coats. However, to achieve excellent results, we do sand between coats, whenever necessary. Since lacquer reactivates each layer, it allows smooth finish.

Another great thing about lacquer is that it’s durable. It can last longer than wood finishing products. It also doesn’t flake or chip. After years, it won’t turn yellow, unlike varnish or shellac. It’s thinner than other products, so it penetrates into the wood deeper. As a result, it provides a durable seal. That is, it protects the cabinet from inside out. Compared with shellac and other products, lacquer is less expensive.

You’ll also love the color and tone stability of lacquer cabinets. Other products change tone as they dry. As a result, they make it difficult to determine the result when applying the finish. Lacquer finishes, however, retain the same color at all stages. Thus, curing will give you a good indication of the finished product.


Why choose lacquer cabinets Hollywood service of Lighthouse Painting Contractors Inc?

We have an extensive experience in using interior and exterior spray finishes. It doesn’t matter how massive the project is; our lacquer Cabinets Hollywood service can achieve the result and look that you desire.

Our company operates a fully functional spray serve to allow us to create custom spray lacquer finishes to your request. To know more about services, please contact our team at 818.534.8260





If you’re a DIY person, you might consider painting your house on your own. It could be because painting isn’t technically a difficult job for you. However, it’s time-consuming. It can also be messy. That’s why most residents choose to hire a paint Marina Del Rey contractor. A painting job, whether it’s small or not, can be aggravating and physically be demanding. If you don’t want these issues, you must consider hiring a paint Marina Del Rey professionals, like Lighthouse Painting Contractors. We can take these problems away from the picture. We work around your schedule, and we can complete your project within the estimated period. It’s important to us, and we understand that it’s a hassle for you to have other people in your house while you’re at work. For that reason, we strive to meet your deadlines. You can trust us to complete your project while you’re out working.


The Size of the Job for Paint Marina Del Rey experts

The length of time we can complete your project will depend on the scale of the job. With our years of service, no job’s too small or too big for us. If you wish to know more about our past projects, you may check out our company reviews page to read what other homeowners in Marina Del Rey have said about how we’ve completed their projects. Our Paint Marina Del Rey experts are great with their work.


Ways to Tell if Your House Requires Re-Painting 

Look at the part of your house with a board. Does it look like it’s shrinking? If it does, then it could be a sign that it requires re-painting. Keep in mind that the ends of the board are usually the areas where symptoms of dry rot start. Moisture doesn’t cause dry rot. Rather, it’s caused by fungi that infiltrate the bare wood. They digest the wood causing it to shrink.


How to inspect your board? Poke at the dry area. You can easily spot it.

Another sign is that the paint is peeling. If you see it, then it’s an indication that you’ve waited long enough for the rot to damage your house severely. It’s better to just pay for a paint job, instead of paying for a paint job and rebuilding your decayed house. Other signs could be discoloration, chalky, bare wood, and mildew.

If you need to know whether or not your home requires a paint job, then call us today, and our Paint Marina Del Rey experts will examine your house.


Since 2002, Lighthouse Painting Contractors has been a painting contractor Granada Hills experts. We understand that homeowners in Granada Hills need a skilled hand for their variety of home designs. Our team of experts can also perform maintenance job. In our years of service, we’ve already painted different homes, from luxury homes to ranch homes to apartments. Each of the projects we completed was given a professional care and precision. Our clients deserve it. To ensure excellent craftsmanship, we listen to our customers so we can make sure we’ll deliver your expected results. As an award-winning company, we’re dedicated to giving back to our community. We offer excellent painting services to home and business owners in Granada Hills. We’ve been a longtime partner of various small and big businesses.


Lasting Results by our Painting Contractor Granada Hills Professionals 

What makes us the go-to painting contractor Granada Hills experts is that we only use premium paint and excellent techniques. As a result, we provide long-lasting results. In every project, we’re devoted to customer satisfaction and professionalism. We’re a full-service contractor. Our professionals are trained and polite. They’re highly skilled and arrive on time. After the project, we’ll ensure that you have a clean and tidy space. We’ll guarantee our work, and we can offer you free estimates when you call us today.

Our Painting Contractor Granada Hills professionals are also fully licensed and insured. As a large-scale contractor, we can provide you with a certificate of insurance and bonding.

If you’re not sure we’re a good fit to your project, you can call us today and interview us. You can tell us everything about your painting project. Whether it is the trimming, molding, walls or cabinet that you want us to pain, we got you covered.


Do we use personal protection equipment?

Yes, we do. It’s to ensure that our professionals will be safe while doing their job. We’ve been in the business since 2002. Our experts haven’t experienced injuries while working on a project for our clients.


When is the best time to call us?

Any time is the best time to call us. Our Painting Contractor Granada Hills experts are ready to assist you in providing you with the painting details that you need. Once you call us, we’ll be happy to help in giving you the best designs and colors for your project. However, we can only do so after giving us complete details of your project.

If you’re ready to talk to us, our experts are waiting: 818.534.8260

Do you have a refinish cabinets Pasadena project? If you do, then don’t try to do it on your own. Instead, call our experts at Lighthouse Painting Contractors to ensure that your project will turn out great. Cabinet refinishing offers a lot of advantages to homeowners in Pasadena. It’s an economical choice. If refinishing is the better solution, it could give you a money-saving option when compared to refacing. Not sure if refinishing your cabinets is the better choice? Call our experts today, and we’ll make a suggestion and recommendation.

The Use of Lacquer to Refinish Cabinets Pasadena

Lacquer is one of the finishes for your cabinets. Our crew will visit your house and spray finish your cabinets. It can take days to accomplish it. This length of time starts at a day when we set up and cover everything. You can choose to stay home while we’re applying lacquer in your cabinets. However, we recommend going out of your house while we’re doing the work because of the volatile fumes. Cabinet refinishing is a good choice if you like your cabinet doors. You can choose to go for a darker stained wood or go for a solid color.


It’s also economical. Keep in mind that new cabinets can cost around $5,000. It can also take more than a month to complete them. Refinishing your cabinets by Refinish Cabinets Pasadena experts, on the other hand, will only cost about half you’re going to spend on a reinstall.


If your cabinet is in good condition, but the doors require improvement, you can’t just rip them out to install new ones. It’s unnecessary. When you choose to remove the cabinets, you’ll have to pay for the added costs to have a new set of counter tops. Re installation of new cabinets is necessary if the cabinets are cracked or warped. Another reason cabinet refinishing is better than reinstalling cabinets is that this project can be completed faster. The entire project is pretty smooth. Putting your kitchen to a major renovation can take more than a month. Refinishing, on the other hand, can only take up to three days. That is if you have the right team.


Our team of Refinish Cabinets Pasadena experts can complete the job within the deadline you’ve provided us.

This option is also environmentally friendly. With refinishing, you’re reducing, reusing and recycling your old cabinet. You won’t contribute to the hazardous waste because you’re not throwing away your cabinets. Just think about the trash you can save by choosing to refinish your cabinets.





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Hi Theresa: I keep neglecting to let you and the 'boss'  Nick Dattilo of LIGHTHOUSE PAINTING CONTRACTORS INC. know how very pleased I am with the painting job his guys did the two days they were here.  They did a fabulous job, and they were neat in their work  and protected surfaces that were not to be painted.   I could not have asked for a better job. Next time I need painting done, I am for sure going to request your services. - Nannette Nekora